Mary O. Wykle, Ph.D., ATRIC

Water Safety and Lifeguarding
Water activities are popular with almost everyone. Anyone involved in aquatics maintains an overriding concern for safe participation around any type of water activity. Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise and fun. The last thing anyone wants is to have a drowning. Lifeguards are trained to oversee a safe environment for a fun venue.
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) saves lives. Courses available include Adult CPR, Infant/Child CPR, CPR, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and CPR with AED (Automated External Defibrillation) training. Everyone should take a CPR course.
Emergency Skills
First aid is addressed in scenarios relative to potential emergencies and sudden illness that could occur in or around the pool. It is especially pertinent to aquatic therapy and rehab practitioners and aquatic exercise leaders.
First Aid
Training in first aid addresses recognition of breathing emergencies, sudden illness, care for injuries, and signs of distress in individuals. It emphasizes taking action and alerting the EMS system for assistance.
Lifeguards are first responders and are required to make rescues and give aid to anyone in distress. They oversee and enforce the safety of the water facility where they work. In addition to rescue skills, victim recognition, activating EMS, and providing care, they oversee the daily tasks involved with pool management. Lifeguards must maintain current certification and authorization in lifeguarding skills along with CPR/AED, First Aid, and Oxygen Administration.
Lifeguard Management
This is a new course offering head lifeguards the opportunity to have a management course to be an effective leader of the aquatic team at their facility.
Military Water Survival (Drownproofing)
All of the military services require members to complete Basic Water Survival as a minimum. The requirements for each service are outlined in detailed in training manuals. Actual swimming skills are not required, but the ability to be comfortable and make progress in the water in full battle gear is required.
Risk Assessment and Safety Training
RAST is an 8-hour course designed specifically for practitioners of aquatic therapy and rehab. Distress recognition, sudden illness, basic rescue skills, emergency communication, and written emergency action plans are core to the course.
Risk Management in Therapy Situations

This is the renewal course for RAST and is valid for 3 years.  It is available as a CD on this website at Instructional Products.  It provides an overview of Risk Awareness and Safety Training (RAST) and Risk Awareness in Therapy Situations (RATS) focuses on the importance of maintaining current certifications, recognizing emergencies and precursors to emergency situations and being able to respond appropriately, recognizing signs of physiologic stress demanding immediate attention, communicable disease transmission, and first aid for deck and locker room accidents based on OSHA and CDC information and guidelines.

Outcomes include skills and knowledge to prevent, recognize, and respond to emergencies, a review of the care for sudden illness and injuries; differentiate types of emergencies and proper response; discussion of infection control; and written response plans.

Standards and Guidelines for Therapy Pools
These standards were written when aquatic therapy professionals realized that existing standards and codes do not address therapy pools. They address facility requirements, staffing, water and air quality, and required documentation to meet local health codes, county and states codes, and OSHA requirements.
Standards for Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Practitioners
As professionals, these guidelines provide a standard of care to be upheld. Certifications and licensures, safety and risk management issues, and health concerns of patients and practitioners are delineated.
Stroke Technique
Whether you swim a few laps for fun, a serious fitness swimmer, or a competitive swimmer, the enjoyment increases when swim strokes are coordinated. Stroke technique encompasses all from swimming lessons (children and adult), to lap swimmers, to competitive swim team members.
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